Restoration Generation

photo: courtesy of BMW blog

In August of 2010, BMW decided to forge ahead with their automotive restoration department which was originally created to help with the vehicles selected for the BMW museum. The department is based in Munich and the next step with the service was to offer it to BMW owners around the world looking for a solution for keeping the car they love in pristine form.

Just recently, the BMW Classic Customer Workshop, as it is now called, embraced the challenge of restoring a 1972 BMW 2000 Touring which belonged to the former president of the Board of Directors of Hilti Group, Michael Hilti.

The automobile was, as Michael told BMW, one of the automobiles he owned in the 1970′s and was his car when he first met his wife, who was integral in getting the restoration started. She found an identical version of Michael’s Touring and seeing it needed work done, got the team at BMW involved.

When the car was delivered to the Classic Customer Workshop, it was, according to BMW blog, at the lowest end of the spectrum of condition and needed numerous hours of research and manual work to complete the project. There was a total overhaul of the interior, electronics, and mechanics of the engine. And the Workshop is trained and available to take on modifications and rebuilding like these while listening to personal requests from the customer.

The car is now in A1 condition and according to Michael, “To be able to get back behind the wheel of this car, which I owned in the 1970s and is now in perfect condition again, is just amazing.”

photo: courtesy of BMW Blog