BMW X4 To Be Shown in Detroit

Coming up at the end of this month is the Los Angeles Automobile show and that will be a mere ripple in the wave sure to be caused in Detroit January of next year. Better known as The North American International Automobile Show, the event in MotorCity will show the best each automotive organization has to offer.

BMW will be giving the world a look at the new BMW X4 which will be in concept form and, according the BMW Blog, rolling into production by 2014.

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Visually, this automobile will look different than the X3 in the similar fashion to how the X5 and X6 correspond. You can count on the X4 being sportier than the X3 and not as boxy. Rumor has it, and we will keep you updated here, that once the X4 rolls out from production it will be available in both diesel and regular petrol options.

Lots of excitement on the horizon with these auto shows and the new vehicles slated to be shown.