BMW Breaking Sales Records For December And 2012

photo: courtesy of BMW

There really has not been anything but good news for much of the automotive industry during 2012 and the latest sales report from BMW will help in the landscape of positive vibes.  Things are looking up and BMW is on pace to have an all-time record in sales for not only the month of December but the entire calendar year.

According to BMW Blog the first two weeks of December have really helped the company get a jump on the company’s numbers and if you look at the run-rate, versus 2011 which for the entire year, 1.67 million cars were sold, BMW is on pace to sell 1.8 million for 2012.   These are worldwide numbers, and are aided by taking into account sales activity from the three other automotive verticals within the company; BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce.

photo: property of Bill Jacobs BMW

Stay tune for us releasing the totals for the month of December but, to date, domestically, the company has sold 244,061 automobiles. Much of this windfall is projected to be driven by sales of the 3 Series Sedan which now has the X-Drive system.

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